FPG Suits Nissan Skyline Radiator Shroud SPAL Fan 16" R32 R33 R34

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Custom made, CNC cut, 3mm Aluminium radiator shrouds to suit Nissan Skyline R32/33/34, designed to mount SPAL 16" fans part number 30102049 (2024cfm) and 30102113 (3000cfm).

R34GTR has 2 different mounting styles. The series 1 had a factory Aluminium radiator and the shrouds mounts on the sides. The series 2 have a plastic tank radiator and the shroud mounts on the top and sides. Check which model you have carefully.

The shrouds have mounting points for the factory temperature switch wiring and connector. 

We only stock the 2024cfm fan, but both models are readily available, and we encourage International Customers to source theirs locally to save on shipping costs and for warranty purposes.

Comes with SPAL 30130012 one way flaps x7.

A mounting kit can be added for convenience.

The shroud is designed to fit factory mounting points and will suit a range of aftermarket radiators, however spacing will vary depending on tank width.

Optional mounting kit includes:

2m of 10mm stick-on foam strip

2x 10mm spacers

4x 5mm spacers


Cable ties