3 Footed Monster

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The ultimate magnetic mount for your camera, phone, light or anything else you can think of!

Have you needed to mount a light or a flash on a pole, a fence, under the fender on a car for that perfect angle?

The Monster’s creators are die hard Camera and Car junkies. We needed something to fill the hole in the market so they built it. With over 10 years R+D, they decided it was time to unleash the 3 FOOTED MONSTER™. It’s been out being tested by TV industry professionals, YouTubers, Tik Tok creators and Videographers.

Its tested it in the field, on cars, on bikes, on rusty old fences, even shot the news with it. Its shot car racing. You name it they tested it. It did its job above and beyond. Now its time for everyone else to have the same!

Get yourself a 3 FOOTED MONSTER™, the simple, compact and most versatile mount that can go where others can’t.

Weight 420 g
Dimensions 150 × 150 × 150 mm
Height (mount)


Width (mount)



6061T6 Aluminium


Rubber Coated Rare-Earth Magnets


Stainless Steel