AiM Wiring Input Module

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The Wiring Input Module is a small compact Sim input device, providing a simple way to input voltage signals to the dash.The module allows for connection of lights, left and right indicators, dipped beam, main beam, hazard warning, handbrake warning light in fact up to 14 independent voltage inputs, that are then sent to the display or logger through the CAN II stream, allowing you to turn on the symbols or lights on the display.

The SiM Expansion adds up to 14 freely configurable analog channels without occupying or modifying any of the existing system channels on the dash, leaving them free for other input sensors. The module is mounted near the fuse box, and picks up the 12v source signal from eg. the blinkers to turn on the icon led on the dash. It leaves the 4 analog inputs on the dash free for other sensors.