Cube speed R33 Skyline GTR Coilovers – Premium Street – Fully Adjustable

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Get low AND carve up the corners with CUBE Speed – R33 Skyline GTR coilovers! Our Premium Street suspension gets your car LOW and features adjustable damping to get your car riding and handling like never before.

Custom-designed for street cruising, mountain roads and occasional track use. Our Premium Street coilovers come with easy-to-follow install instructions. To transform your GTR’s attitude, with easily adjustable ride height and damping. Quality is guaranteed with ISO9001 manufacturing, dyno testing, and a 15-month warranty.


  • Perfect ride height…easy as! From stock height, to 75mm lower and anywhere in between within minutes
  • Getting low transforms your car’s attitude and improves handling – with a lower centre of gravity

Carve those corners

  • Accurate suspension control from our superior – large-diameter, monotube damper
  • Damping force is maintained during spirited driving – due to the special damper fluid and excellent heat shedding of the large monotube damper.
  • More agile suspension response – thanks to lighter unsprung weight.

Ride quality

The reality is, most public roads are rough and bumpy. Our R33 Skyline GTR coilover valving has been specially designed with these conditions in mind, with a softer bump compared to rebound. Creating an unmatched blend of ride quality AND inspirational handling.

Custom-tune ride and handling to suit you.
Changing ride quality from soft to firm is a breeze. Using the single adjustment knob featuring 33 damper adjustment settings. Softer settings are ideal for comfort and grip on uneven surfaces. While harder settings reduce body roll and enable higher cornering speeds on smooth surfaces.

Attitude, confidence and performance

Experience the ultimate upgrade with CUBE Speed – R33 Skyline GTR coilovers. Effortlessly adjust ride height, transform attitude, and enhance handling. Quality assured with ISO9001 standards, dyno testing, and a 15-month warranty.

Fitment: All skyline R33 GTR models

Spring rates = 12kg front and 7kg rear