GT2860R-5 GTR Twin Turbo Replacement Kit

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Direct replacement GT2860R-5


This RB26DETT Bolt On Turbocharger Kit has been designed to suit the Nissan Skyline RB26DETT engine, found in the R32, R33 and R34 GTR models. It includes all the supporting parts that are required to bolt these turbochargers onto the factory manifolds, and meet with the factory dump pipes; with no further modifications required.

The "-5's" are well known for being an extremely good all-round turbocharger on modified engines, with common bolt-on supporting parts (larger intercooler, exhaust, intercooler piping kit, air intake kit etc). They are most commonly used on engines with drop in camshafts, adjustable cam gears and E85 fuel, with a power goal of 360awkw - 400awkw