NANO S (GLOW IN THE DARK) - 3 Pack *NEW 2.0*

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Nano Flashlight Version 2.0 is here and available for immediate dispatch! 

It's like a Green Lantern Ring. Just More Mainstream.

Fancy a gadget as cool as Ryan Reynolds’s superhero ring?

The Nano S Glow-in-the-dark flashlight might just be the superhero gadget you are missing.

Made from Polyamide Glow In The Dark Material, Nano S is power-packed with 650 Lumens of energy and 109 metres beam impact.

A long-lasting flashlight (lasts up to 40 hours on low per charge) that doesn't leave your side during the craziest adventures.

It's a superhero accessory, but more mainstream.

Cool Perks make this even a cooler Flashlight

Amber Side Lights, UV Side Lights, Red Side Lights & a Stainless Steel Keychain  -  A long battery life flashlight with a cool LED torch comes with cool accessories making it cooler than it ever was!

As heavy as 5 tablespoons of Coffee (18g)

Powerful Impact.

Robust Battery.

Impressive Functionality.

All packed into a tiny 60mm size.

Built for Adventurous Escapades

The Nano S is water/weather resistant and accident-proof (IP66) and 1.5 m drop-resistant. (The Nano S is not to be submerged in water or used for diving).

A super-bright small flashlight with superpowers stronger than its size.

Want to prove thousands of People Wrong?

The challenge is ON!

More than 1000 people have purchased the latest version of GLOW IN THE DARK flashlight and have loved it for its coolness, impact and durability. Dare to join them and test our powerful pocket flashlight for yourself?


  • Made from Polyamide Glow In The Dark Material
  • 650 Lumens Max
  • Amber Side Lights
  • UV Side Lights
  • Red Side Lights
  • 40 Hours Max Battery Runtime on Lowest Setting
  • 350 mAh Rechargable Battery
  • Rear Magnets (Stick on any metal surface)
  • 109 Metres Max Range on High
  • 1.5 Metre Drop Resistant
  • Latest Samsung LED Technology
  • Charged via the Onboard USB C Port & Fully Charged in 30 Minutes
  • Stainless Steel Keychain & USB C Charger Included
  • Length: 60mm, Diameter: 16.5mm, Weight: 18g
  • 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty

Whats in the box -

  • 1 x Nano S Flashlight

  • 1 x User Manual

  • 1 x Keyring

  • 1 x USB C Charger Cable

*Note: On high/medium mode (650/450 lumens) the Nano Flashlight will step down to 120 lumens in roughly 2 minutes to protect the core components from the heat generated.