NANO E Pro *New 2.0*

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Nano Flashlight Version 2.0 is here and available for immediate dispatch! 

Nano E Pro - 3 Pack Also Available Here

Looks can be (devilishly) deceptive.

700 Lumens of energy power packed into a tiny 60mm body, this durable flashlight is every traveller’s must-have accessory.

Unless of course, you would rather go travelling with your old flashlight the size and weight of a water bottle.

You can see half a desert with this flashlight that doesn’t even look like a flashlight

With a powerful impact beam of 109 metres, you can see way ahead of you compared to an ordinary flashlight.

Our customers have been using it to power up an entire campsite for nights together - this small flashlight works magic for more than 40 hours of continued usage.

As convenient as carrying Keys

With the size and weight of a pen drive, this small rechargeable torch light fits right into your bunch of keys.

It comes with a keyring - so just wing it in your keychain and you’ll never miss carrying it with you!

Lasts (almost) 2 days with a single round of charge

WIth 40 hours of continuous usage with a single session of charging.

Charge it for 30 minutes with our portable USB-C charger and it's good for another 40 hours.

Our small flashlight with high lumens keeps your battery anxiety at bay.


  • Made from Lightweight and Durable Polyamide Plastic
  • 700 Lumens Max
  • Military Blue Camo Shell
  • 40 Hours Max Battery Runtime on Lowest Setting
  • 350 mAh Rechargable Battery
  • Rear Magnets (Stick on any metal surface)
  • 109 Metres Max Range on High
  • 1.5 Metre Drop Resistant
  • Latest Samsung LED Technology
  • Charged via the Onboard USB-C USB Port & Fully Charged in 30 Minutes
  • Stainless Steel Keychain Included
  • Length: 60mm, Diameter: 16.5mm, Weight: 18g
  • 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty

Whats in the box -

  • 1 x Nano E Pro Flashlight

  • 1 x User Manual

  • 1 x Keyring

  • 1 x USB-C Charger Cable

*Note: On high/medium mode (700/500 lumens) the Nano Flashlight will step down to 100 lumens in roughly 2 minutes to protect the core components from the heat generated.