Nitto crankshaft RB30 3.2L 90.0mm stroke wide bearing journal *EN40B material*

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NIT-CNK-RB30S90ENWD 90MM EN40B Straight Shot


Nitto 4340 Billet Steel crankshafts are manufactured from high quality true billet round bar stock. Most other aftermarket crankshafts are manufactured using cast forged material, which is a much cheaper manufacturing process and hence carry a cheaper price tag, but their performance, strength and horsepower capabilities are significantly compromised compared to that of a true billet crankshaft. An engine with a 4340 billet steel crankshaft will rev faster and cleaner due to the different harmonics produced from the high grade material.

Furthermore, we also offer our EN40B crankshafts in order to cater for the sector of the market that seek to produce power in excess of 2000hp reliably. The EN40B is stronger than 4340 and has stood the test of vigorous drag racing applications, with our EN40B Wide Journal RB32 crankshaft producing in excess on 25000hp at the engine in numerous builds.

All of our 4340 and EN40B cranks are

  • 4340/EN40B Billet Round Bar Stock
  • Grade Tested (X-ray - Sonic)
  • Quenched and Heat Treated
  • Fully Counter Weighted
  • Nitrided
  • Balanced
  • Knife Edged (where applicable)
  • 100% CNC Profiled
  • 100% CNC Drilled and Tapped