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Made from 6061 billet alloy, PRP's universal gear knobs are a stunning piece to add to any interior. These universal gear knobs not only come in different shapes and sizes, (which suite a multiple range of preferences) but are also anodized in a spectacular colour range that is bound to compliment any vehicle.

For fitment specifications, see the list below

M10 X 1.25 THREAD:

  • Nissan 5 speeds
  • Evo (5&6 speeds)
  • Mx5
  • FD rx-7
  • S5 FC (RX-7 earlier models are 1.5)

M12 X 1.25 THREAD:

  • Nissan 6 speeds
  • Toyota Boxes (supra, aw11 etc)
  • Subaru (both STI and 5speed)


  • Round top (short) - 70mm height - 115grams weight
  • Round top (tall) - 200mm height - 354grams weight
  • Flat top (short) - 70mm height - 124grams weight
  • Grooved Flat top (tall) - 200mm height - 229grams weight