Supreme Innovations Bullbars - Suits Mazda BT50 X series

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  • Suits the Mazda BT-50 GEN4 (2020-Current)
  • NOTE: Images here depict a colour coded black bar with colour coded purple recoveries and bash plate.
  • Airbag Compliant & Supports Factory Sensors
  • The Bar is 3mm Thick Steel & Winch Compatible
  • Rated Recovery Points as Standard rated at 4,000kg
  • Advanced Powder Coating Black Surface Finish
  • Light Bar + Cubed Lights are LED RGB Lights (Can change colours using app on your phone)
  • Light Bar also functions as a powerful Light for dark off-road conditions
  • Cubed Lights also work as indicators and fog lights
  • NOTE: RGB Lights should NOT be used during driving as it is illegal according to Australia Road Laws (The colours white, amber or yellow are road legal but used at your own discretion)
  • Product includes: Bull Bar (Dark Grey), 30″ Light Bar, 4x Cubed Lights, Bash Plate (White), Recovery Points (Red)