TOMEI PONCAM 258 and 256 IN-EX to Suit SR20

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Tomei Poncam camshafts are designed as a "drop in application!", No dialling in required as the nock-pin has been pre-set so that the timing is set for you.

Utilizing cutting edge VALC profile technology, Tomei's new 258° camshafts combine the stable idling and low to midrange performance of a 256° camshaft together with the top end performance of a 264° camshaft.

In addition, they also feature the highest list that remains compatible with the stock valve springs for increased flow rate and higher power output. These camshafts are best suited for vehicles fitted with upgraded turbo setups and high rpm making them ideal for drift and circuit applications.

Cam Type: Intake and Exhaust
Cam Duration: 258/256
Max Cam Lift: 7.41mm
Max Valve Lift: IN: 11.50mm / EX: 11.50mm
Valve Timing Center Line: IN:120 / EX:115
Valve Spring Type Needed: IN:Stock / EX:Stock
Valve Lifter Type Needed: IN:Stock / EX:Stock

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