TURBOSMART BOV Kompact Shortie - Dual Port

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Kompact Valve from Turbsomart was developed to take the Motorsport-Proven 28mm, Postiive Sealing Piston Valve Technology and adapt it to the smaller footprint of the compressor cover mounted  bypass valves as found on common Borgwarner EFR and KKK Turbochargers as well as many Ford Ecoboost Engines.

The Kompact Valve is a bolt-on, direct repalcement for the factory and OE plastic diverter valves that use un-enforced diahgrams and are known to crack under increased boost and develop age, heat and cycle related boost leaks ovet time.

The Kompact Valve provides increased boost response and higher boost handling with the long term durability of a billet aluminium body and positive sealing piston along with our boost-balance technology which means the more boost you feed these valves, the better they seal – It literally is that simple.