TURBOSMART BOV 25mm Plumb Back fitting

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Turbosmart’s 25mm Plumb Back Fitting is designed for Turbosmart Plumb Back, Dual Port and Supersonic Blow Off Valves (BOVs). This fitting is designed to provide a secure outlet connection for your BOVs, ensuring a reliable and quality performance. The fitting is made from high-quality materials that withstand high temperatures and pressures. Turbosmart’s 25mm Plumb Back Fitting will help ensure the longevity of your Turbosmart BOVs. With this fitting, you can be sure that your Turbosmart BOVs will perform optimally and last longer than ever. Get the most out of your Turbosmart BOVs with Turbosmart’s 25mm Plumb Back Fitting. It’s the perfect addition to your Turbosmart BOV setup.